Office Rental Luxembourg

Office Rental Luxembourg

Renting offices in Luxembourg - the economic context

In the context of a struggling European economy, Luxembourg is doing rather well. Its proactive and pragmatic politics promote investment and entrepreneurship. Foreign companies continue to be attracted by the advantages created by these politics, and are consequently looking for office rental space to set up their business.

Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita in the world. In 2014, this increased by 2.9%, while the average of the euro zone grew by 0.2%. The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. This is the result of a healthy job market: for one thing, due to a well-functioning dialogue between government, companies and unions, the number of business days lost to strikes is the lowest in all OECD countries; for another, the ratio of productivity per employee is the highest in Europe. Furthermore, the workforce in Luxemburg is highly skilled and multilingual. The legislative and fiscal environment favours the promotion of businesses: the national debt is very low, which allows proactive politics that encourage investment. The fiscal environment is also very stable. This favourable economic context attracts many companies who look to rent offices in Luxembourg to launch their business.

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